Tips and Tricks

 How to back up with iTunes: Download iTunes HERE!!!!

1.Open iTunes and connect your device to your computer

2.Once connected, Unlock phone and "TRUST THIS COMPUTER"

3.Click on the Device icon next to the category dropdown menu on the left side of the iTunes window.

4.Select Summary from the sidebar

5. Select This computer and  Backup (or restore if you have previously backed up your device)

You will need your Apple ID and Password. Cant rememeber or need a reset, click HERE!!


How To transfer information from Samsung to Samsung using Samsung Smart Switch.

1. Download Smart Switch app from Galaxy App Store (No gmail, or login required)

2. Make sure both devices are conncected to the same WiFi

3.Select Wireless

4. Select SENDING on old device and RECEIVING on new device.

5 Once you select what information you would liek transfered,hit SEND onold device.


~Take advantage of power-saving mode

Depending on your smartphone model and the operating system version it runs, you may have a built-in power-saving mode that automatically enables many of the previously mentioned functions to extend time between charging sessions. So dig through your phone’s settings and take advantage of this function.


~ Adding US Packages have now been made easier. Log into your self serve to access all avaliable plans and add them from the comfort of home, OR when arrivaing at your destination turn your phone on and once it hits the network it will prompt you to add a plan right from your phone.


~ If you battery is being drained on your Apple Device, Go to Settings>General>Background App refresh>switch to OFF










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