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Extend Your Mobile Coverage

With its built-in signal booster, BAGFONE (Bag Phone) is the perfect mobile communications companion for remote locations where cellular signal strength is weak. People living in remote areas, as well as field personnel in the mining and oil and gas industries love the BAGFONE (Bag Phone) because it is housed in a rugged, waterproof container so that it can take a beating and still function properly to provide a clear cellular connection in environments where other cell phones won’t work.

Far less costly than a satellite phone, BAGFONE (Bag Phone) comes with a powerful external antenna and an internal battery for 6-hour talk time and 32hours of standby.

BAGFONE (Bag Phone) was designed as a carry-case solution, which enables workers in a variety of industries such as: Oil and Gas, Agriculture and Forestry to stay connected while on the job or in the field. With its rugged case, external RF antenna, large widely spaced keypad, high resolution display. You can use it hands free with built-in microphone & speaker or use the personal handset for private calls


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